Linking your Referrals, your Listings, and your System seamlessly!

MiRealty is built by a team of real estate veterans. Our software’s purpose is to make your sales process easier, more effective, and more useful. As we develop every feature in our software, we always ask ourselves: How would this feature make selling simpler, better and faster for its user?


No More Forgotten or Missed Leads

Centralize your database so that all your leads—automatically funneled or manually registered—are in one place. One view, better management.

Automated Lead Funnel

The lead funnel acts as a storage for leads coming in from the user’s own various sources such as personal websites, advertising platforms, and other online streams that can be integrated into the MiRealty. These are accessible in your Open Prospects Tab

We can give you 10 referrals per month, based on your location. If you are a new broker or agent, we help you succeed in your career as a real estate seller by providing you with pre-qualified referrals. This is automatically funneled into your Smart Referral Tab.

Manual Lead Funnel

The lead funnel can also be a storage for leads being registered manually by each user. These are automatically segregated and recorded in each user’s My Prospects Tab.

mirealty prospects

Fast, Updated, and Paperless Selling

Our e-Listing feature allows all users to upload their listings for easy accessibility, sharing, and disseminating to all the members of your team. MiRealty also allows such listings to be automatically emailed to the leads and clients through the system.

Automatic MiDash Listing Feature

Whenever possible, we can automatically link the MiDash-enabled projects into your own MiRealty system, thus enabling you to sell these projects immediately. This feature multiplies your listings in an instant. The MiDash-enabled properties offers access to the sales kit and the real time inventory reservation and management system of the said project. Easy selling at your fingertips.

Interactive List Sharing Feature

Enables the MiRealty owner to share their own listings to other brokers, agents, or team outside of their own team, with just a click of a button. This increases the chance of selling the properties in their listings.

The e-Sales kit functionality allows you to store pertinent real estate documents that can be shared directly thru the MiRealty platform. Broker admins can update all of the documents here so other brokers/agents can download them, making the information dissemination process more efficient.


Helping Your Team Drive Deals Towards Completion

MiRealty’s My Team feature is where you can view and manage your team’s access, client engagement and performance.

My Prospect Management

This feature ensures that each user can view their own leads/prospect/clients’ information exclusively. It will not be visible to any other user of the same level.

Buyer Management System

Whether via automatic funneling or manual registry, each lead/prospect or buyer will have its own profile and data archived for easy viewing. All messages, notes, schedules, and client engagement done through the system are recorded, and necessary automated notification are generated to remind the user of it.


Tracking your team has never been easier. Reports can be viewed, printed or downloaded in real time. The Reports section in the MiRealty system enables team leaders, or the individual users to see how well the team or themselves are doing.

mirealty prospect management